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Drop Off Order Form


$11: single monogram or name/word | 1 color | 3 inches or smaller

$13: single monogram or name/word, plus design, if desired | 2 colors or 3-4 inches | 1-2 color logos

$16: designs that are 3+ colors and 4 inches and under | 3+ color logos | two lines of text | dino and floral letters of any color


Anything larger than 4 inches in height or 3+ colors will be determined on a case-by-case basis and discussed prior to beginning your project. 

Turnaround Times:

Current Turn-Around Times are currently different as we are now in Holiday Season.  Current Turn-Around for the rest of 2021 are as follows:

All outside items turned in by November 1st will be done by Thanksgiving.

All outside items turned in by November 15th will be done by December 23rd.

An Item considered "turned in" has all information provided in this drop-off form, and also has been dropped off at Laura's house, both by the required dates. 

After November 15th, please contact Laura via e-mail/text/DM on instagram to see if she is accepting rush orders any longer for the year on outside items.

All internet orders of items purchased through the Website (the "Shop With Us" Tab) will be accepted as usual until December 15th, after which a rush fee might be charged. The Turn-Around time for items purchased on the site are still on the same Turn-Around time of about 1-week. 

Thank you for understanding these Holiday Turn-Around Times!

XOXO, Laura

Normal Turn around times for non-holiday season:

Normal: 10-15 business days, you will be contacted as soon as your order is completed.

Semi-Rush: $5 per item, 6-9 business day turn around.

Rush: $10 per item, 1-5 business day turn around.

Order Form

Please fill out the below form for EACH of your items prior to dropping them off. If you have 5 items, please fill out 5 forms. 

Be sure to have your font or monogram style, color, and design picked out from the OUR STYLES section before beginning the form. The information you enter once you have begun will not save if you navigate to a different page.

If you have a bulk order of the same item with different monograms/names, please list ALL of the monograms/names in the 'Text Information' section on the next page. 

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